The process

Powerful, precision fabrication
with waterjet cutting tech.

We can cut almost any material into virtually any shape and size with our waterjet cutter: a tool that cuts with very high-pressure jets of water.

It’s powerful, capable of cutting up to 200mm (8”) thick titanium or at least 6” thick stainless steel.

It’s versatile. From stainless steel to glass, marble, rubber, plastic and wood to name a few.

And it’s accurate, with finished parts to 0.05mm (.002”) tolerances, with none of the damage, warping or mess caused by hot cutting.

Waterjet is clean, producing no smoke or toxic gases because there is no burning process. And it’s fast, with rapid set up times, no extra tooling & reduced need for secondary operations due to its accuracy and quality of the cut edge.

Waterjet cutting isn’t just for building boats. When you need cutting done right, talk to us.