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Our hangar-sized workshop,where we build it for you.

They say every man needs a shed. Even if that’s not quite true, we’re proud of our fully-equipped, hangar-sized workshop.

It’s in here where we deliver top-class fabrication to your specifications, or talk to us and we’ll work with you to ensure the outcome fits your vision.

And what we build here, we build on time and within budget.

Here’s a full list of the services we provide from our factory:

In-house design

Waterjet cutting


Prodim - Digital Templating

Marine survey work on new and old boats

Marine and general fabrication and repairs—aluminium & stainless steel

Aluminium & steel boat trailers

Customised fabrication

Metal forming

Tray and canopy fabrication

Boat repairs and modifications

Onsite boat repairs and modifications

MIG and TIG—all material types

Vehicle accessories

And for good measure, here’s our factory equipment list:

Waterjet cutting machine (exact spec here)



120-tonne brake press


Pan brake folder

Metal lathe

Welding machines

Pipe forming machine

Pipe notching machine

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